Making a site with Hugo

So with making this site using Hugo I have really come to appriciate the idea of generating a static site based off of local templates, and then just hosting the static pages. I have found that this is a lot easier than using something like WordPress (tried it multiple times) and it has a smaller learning curve.

The Good:
  • Easy to use. This could be that I am a developer, but I find using Hugo a lot easier that using WordPress. I would suggest this to friends and family that are not techinically capable.
  • Simple but full of features. It is really easy to get up and going with a new site, and if you are using a pre-built template then you can get away without ever touching a line of HTML/CSS. There are a lot of features that can be used for a site with just adding a little bit of configuration and templating.
  • Fast, and I mean fast! When using the Hugo Server for local modifications your page in the browser refreshes with the new content the moment you save your changes.
  • Super cheap sites. Combining your Hugo generated site with a service like Surge means that you can get away with just paying for your domain name, and everything else is free.
  • Content is Local. All of your site content is local, and you can work on it off-line easily, and you only need an internet connection when you are uploading it to the internet

The Bad:
  • Timed post release. If you want to be able to set it up so that a post only becomes available after a specific date/time, you will need to generate the site after that date/time for it to be available, and then upload it again. While you can set pages and posts to not be available, this just means that Hugo will not generate them when you build from the templates.
  • False barrier of entry. Hugo feels like there is a barrier of entry when you first start looking at it, but this is an illustion.
  • Content is Local. All of the content for making your site is local, so it is up to you to put the content somewhere that you can easily sync it between mutiple devices.
  • Updating with Mobile. If you want to use a mobile device to update your site, then it is not going to be easy. There are no easy ways to generate and upload changes made, not to mention that it can be hard to edit or create files on the mobile device.

For this site I did not use a template, though I have looked around for ideas and to get a better understanding of how things work with Hugo. You can look at my About page to see more information about what I was looking at and what I used when making this site.